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Please tell me what you guys think the first day of school means to you. 

Because the way I see it, is just everyone talking non stop about how exciting their rich white-kid summers were. I go to a rich white-kid school and live in a rich white-kid city where everything is too god damn expensive and hardly anyone has respect for anyone else.

Except, I'm not rich, so to me it basically just sounds like bragging. Someone will overhear what one person said and then be like "OMFG, seriously? All you did was learn to fly, loose an arm, discover a new species of sharks, and played a role in a new TV show that no one has heard of yet but will be totally popular once everyone finds out you were in it?? Pssshh, what I did wasn't even as half as good as what YOU did." And then that person will explain how their summer was SO much better than the first person's summer and then someone else will do the same thing to the second person and it just keeps going and becomes a giant cluster fuck of stupid shit because everyone feels the need to be better than everyone else. Not only that, but everyone wears all of their new clothes and shows off all of the new $700 phones and $175 backpacks and shit they got before school started. It's just more bragging to me.

This goes on for about two weeks until teachers start assigning actual homework and junk and it starts to calm down a bit. It never completely goes away, though. Nope. Most to all of the rich kids I know are extremely narcissistic and egotistical 24/7 so this cycle of needing to feel so much more high and mighty and above everyone else never stops. 

There's not much of a reason to like the first day/couple weeks of school other than everyone just loves bragging to each other about shit. I know none of you like doing homework and sitting in a seat, listening and falling asleep to some cranky bitch ranting about stupid shit for an hour. I mean, come on. Really? You don't miss school, you just miss getting attention and having people to brag to. 

Other than wanting to brag, one of the only other reasons to like being back at school is to see everyone you didn't get to see over the summer. But that is for those of you who actually enjoy human contact. I'm not one of these people. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the 99% of people I hate/find annoying and people I'm neutral with. The other 1% is at a different school and I won't get to see them every day. I'm stuck with just texting with them and talking on skype and whatnot. 

Please tell me if I'm wrong and there's something more to the first day of school than just bragging, talking shit, and interacting with people you didn't see for two months...

Also, trying to make a good first impression doesn't make sense to me either when you aren't being yourself. I see no point in dressing up all fancy and acting like a little angel for people that will most likely not even notice what you're wearing or how you act anyways if you're like me and you're not a popular kid. Also, if your personality is different for a first impression on someone rather than what your personality is like all the time, you're just setting yourself up for a false "relationship" that is probably going to end up just to crash and burn eventually. Be yourselves, god damnit. 

I wore some of my comfiest pants and a baggy band T-Shirt for check-in day last week when we had to take pictures and shit. I didn't show up to school in a god damn ball gown and hoe-heels because that isn't me, nor is it anyone else who decides to wear their very best clothes on the first day of school and then never dress like that again.

You human beings don't make any sense to me. gggggaaaAAAAHHHHHH...
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